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Accelerate your relaxation by making an appointment with one of our recommended massage therapists.

Teina M Barrett Wells

LMT NM Lic. #5700

(760) 336-9189

Teina M Barrett Wells is trained as Holistic Health Practitioner in Asian Studies and has worked in Truth or Consequences, NM as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2007. Teina specializes in therapeutic bodywork based on traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and modalities. She believes in promoting balance and self acceptance and tries to bring these qualities to the massage table to offer her clients. Shamanic, energy and intuitive tools augment her hands on work as she helps her clients restore a sense of balance and relaxation to their days. Try a signature blend of Eastern and Western bodywork to promote balance and relaxation.

$100.00 for a 60 minute session.

$150.00 for a 90 minute session.

Roger Swanson

LMT NM Lic. #5439

(505) 459-5607

At times, there is no substitute for a second set of hands. Especially when we realize we've been treating our body like a storage locker and it's simply overstuffed. It's the energetic screams of your tissues that attract my hands to run that energy to ground. Once cleared, you feel light and ready again. I have been doing CranioSacral-based massage since 2006, employing Lymphatic drainage, EFT, Swedish, and primarily allowing my hands to follow your body's direction to neutral.

$80.00 for a 60 minute session.

Dayna Duncan

LMT NM Lic. #8873

(860) 581-0071

Therapies offered by dayna: Swedish relaxing massage, therapeutic deep tissue, combo of Thai Table massage and other modalities. Individual yoga and meditation sessions. Personal exercise sessions developed for the individuals needs. In addition to the physical body, I also offer Mind, Body, Nutritional Psychology coaching. Inquire about whole body packages including mind- body combinations for deeper work on the journey of self. It is an honor and a privilege to assist others on their journey to vibrant health.

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Kacie Stephens

Skin Care Professional


Kacie Ann is a licensed skin care professional with over 12 years of experience. She is passionate about skin care and caring for people. Clients are like family to her. She is highly educated in her field and strives to learn many skin conditions and treatment methods in depth to improve skin health and change the lives of people, one face at a time. Kacie will educate you during your time in the treatment room and you can be sure that during that time it is only your time.

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Shelby Schue

Foot Reflexologist

(575) 740-2435

Foot Reflexology is an ancient science used in balancing the organs, glands, nervous system, muscles, bones and activating blood flow. Tension and toxic buildup are released using techniques of Foot Reflexology. Shelby is trained in the Original Ingham Method and has 48 years of active practice.

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Rebecca Speakes

Tarot Reader

(575) 894-0410

Rebecca has been reading the tarot for over 25 years. Her readings focus on the positive energies in Life. Readings are based in the present. From this perspective, our futures can be optimized by choices made in the present. Tarot readings can help guide us in making decisions. Many of your pressing questions about what's going on in your life can be answered. Call for an appointment. Readings can be done over the phone, too.

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